In human sub consciousness horses represent dignity, honor, beauty, strength, power and endurance. Horses, like wild animals, have a very keen sense of intuition and a great ability to sense what is not spoken.

As herd animals who are tuned in to the slightest inconsistency in their environment, they mirror back to us inconsistent behaviors we may not have been aware of - behaviors that stop us from moving forward in life or from moving deeper into our own authentic spirit. Because of this they can often see things about us that we may not even be aware of.

They are great teachers for us in the domain of intuition and intention. No wonder then that, according to Carl Gustav Jung, the horse represents the intuitive, the feminine and the creative. As flee animal, the horse flees from whatever emanates stress and aggression, but also uncertainty.

We use horses both for customized courses in horsemanship and riding as well as for our HorsEcutive program, a program for Talent and Leadership development. Even though we are based in Oslo, Norway we do hold courses in other European countries, particularly in Italy.